Barcelona Laugher Therapy


The laughter therapy workshop takes place in Barcelona and surroundings. It is a place where we first of all to enjoy, with games, dramatic dynamics, improvisation and music. Laughter therapy is progressive, starting slowly, allowing time for the group is known. Our way of using laughter is fun. In all the workshops is a great willingness to have fun. In addition, you need nothing more than to be yourself, take the real fun part and we all have.

Theoretical Objectives
  • Understand the basic anatomy of laughter, his virtues, the types of laughter and its effect on the body.
  • Experience the laughter in all its possible expressions in exercise of the here and now, with techniques and games to laugh fully.
  • To a different state at the end of the workshop, relaxation, opening and welfare, plus some fatigue.
... in practice
  • Find out cross laughing, the importance of laughter and see that it is a means to help unlock your body and mind, using improvisation, music and creativity of the moment.
  • Suggest laughter as a facilitator of communication with others, meet new people.
  • Free up physical and mental stress.
  • slowly going broke with shyness, the sense of ridicule and taboos.
  • Play as many years that we did not, demonstrating that we have not lost that ability, but we have it asleep, social issues, stress, lack of time, etc.
  • Switch off in a different and healthy way of our busy lives, bringing out that part in all of us and we can not show anywhere.
Duration: 2h

This workshop is made to order. If you are a group of at least 8 persons, contact us at, and we seek the date for your workshop.