Children and Adolescents Therapy

Children, unfortunately, are not born with an instruction manual. There are times when all our skills as parents does not help us, we do not get what we want despite our efforts, generating a feeling of frustration. In other situations we find that our children are suffering without knowing what is the best way to help.

Childhood and adolescence are two stages of major development and consolidation of both the personality and other evolutionary processes that will influence the rest of the life stages. Like adults, children and adolescents may have emotional, behavioral and mental health problems that could seriously interfere with their development. These problems are manifested in different ways, such as school difficulties, problems with parents, family conflict, drug use, unruly or violent behavior, anxiety, so on. Therefore it is of vital importance the detection and intervention in problems that may arise in these stages to allow stable psycho-social development and harmonious.

Mon-Ment treats the bullying, aggression, ADHD, anorexia and school failure among others. We offer a range of specialized services (assessment, counseling and treatment) for children and adolescents, working closely with families, particularly the primary caregivers to assess the factors in the home, school and community that may be contributing to maintaining the emotional and behavioral problems.