Creativity Workshop


Creativity is one of the pillars of resilience, that is, be creative helps people to overcome difficult situations, leaving it renewed and enriched himself. Creativity is also a vital element in a constantly changing world, both personally and professionally.


This is an experience of self-discovery and exploration of your talents and creative strengths to develop the commitment, empathy, a willingness to create, flexibility, boldness and openness to experience. Openness to experience understood as an internal arrangement aimed at expanding the boundaries of consciousness, manifested in curiosity about the environment and efforts to learn and explore, we will be more creative. As a ways of creative expression, art offers tools and scenarios of high value.

  • Learn how to connect with the creative potential
  • Learn how to exercise your mind more flexible
  • Explore and develop communication and emotional skills
  • Learn ways to manage your potential
  • Recognising the blockages that impede progress
  • Learn how to go through your mental and physical limiting beliefs
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