Emotional Management Workshop

General Objectives
  • Knowing the psychology in everyday use in the field of emotions. Transmit the basic recipes and tips in managing emotions.
Specific Objectives
  • Knowing the emotions.
  • Recognizing and understanding common emotions.
  • Discover the relationship between thinking and emotional reaction.
  • Practice exercises to feel the emotion without fleeing.
  • Know and practice techniques to redirect emotional reactions.
  • Improve self-awareness.
List of topics
  1. The ABC emotional
    1. Awareness of one's emotions
    2. Naming emotions
    3. Understanding your own emotions and those of others
  2. Awareness of the interaction between emotion, cognition and behavior
    1. The cognitive process
    2. Breaking vicious circles
    3. Irrational beliefs: generate alternatives
    4. Cognitive distortions
  3. KSP model for emotional management
    1. Know how I feel
    2. Sign in emotion
    3. Positively driven
    1. Emotional expression
    2. Emotional regulation
    3. Coping skills
    4. Personal competence to self-generate positive emotions
Duration: 4h

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