Relaxation Workshop

General Objectives
  • Learn how stress affects our life and learn tools to be able to handle.
Specific Objectives
  • Understanding the mechanisms of stress.
  • Discover how it affects us personally.
  • Knowing and practicing physical relaxation.
  • Learn and practice mental relaxation techniques.
List of topics
  1. Introduction
    1. Mind-body harmony
    2. Stress in everyday life
    3. Stress responses
  2. Wear
  3. Relaxation
  4. Physical relaxation
    1. Breathing
    2. The dynamic relaxation of the body
    3. Progressive relaxation
  5. Mental relaxation
    1. Observation of thought
    2. Mind accompanies the body
    3. Mental ride. Views
    4. Accompaniments: music
    5. Mental calmness
  6. Integration of physical and mental relaxation
  7. Exercises express
Duration: 4h

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